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Since inception nearly 15 years ago we have been delivering exceptional financial advice for businesses, families and individuals world-wide. We have a deep understanding of what it means to be wealthy and to be able to shape the fabric of society. 


You will find our corporate offices in the heart of Hong Kong, from where we have built an extensive client base with honest ethical advice, harnessed from the best sources available, and in turn earning the loyalty, trust and respect of every distinguished client we serve.


“We are so much more than a wealth management company. We are trusted partners and advisors, and a business with the purpose

of helping our clients achieve their goals'' 

Mr. Nicholas Garner

Chief Executive Officer

Kingfisher Investments

Kingfisher Investments was created to generate attractive returns for clients by investing in global equities and global listed infrastructure while protecting their capital. 


Since then, we have developed a track record for creating and safeguarding wealth for our investors. We have done this by investing in high-quality global stocks that benefited from the rise of the emerging consumer, the coming of the cashless society, the recovery in housing, the dominance of business software giants and the arrival of digital consumer platforms, to name just some key themes of the past decade.

Kingfisher Investments has built a leading reputation as analysts who can understand and forecast global developments. We know that different themes will prevail in the next ten years and our advice to customers will be adapted accordingly.


New Investor
First Process

Helping you invest with confidence 

Putting the Investor First is more than just our process. It’s our pledge to provide investors with strategies that inspire confidence in their financial future. It means giving them the tools they need to live life on their terms. 

Putting the Investor First 

No single investment firm is unsurpassed at managing every asset class. That's why we take a diversified approach that applies the experience of best-in-class portfolio managers throughout the industry to offer a full range of investment strategies. This philosophy made us a pioneer in the sub-advised mutual fund industry. Simply put, we know how to select and monitor a diverse array of managers to seek better results. 


The Investor First Methodology 

Success doesn’t happen by accident. Each portfolio manager must meet the rigorous standards required by our Investor First Process, which includes the following four steps:  

1. Analyze

Step 1: Quantitative Analysis

We apply quantitative metrics to identify strategies delivering competitive returns, style consistency, and sound risk mitigation.

2. Evaluate

Step 2: Qualitative analysis

With a forward-looking approach, we analyze the manager's investment philosophy, portfolio construction process, organizational structure, and other pertinent factors.

3. Select

Step 3: Investment manager recommendation

Through an objective, evidence-based, and collaborative process, these quantitative and qualitative analyses are combined to form a recommendation that is vetted by our Investment and Investment Risk committees.

4. Monitor

Step 4: Continuous monitoring

Fund managers are continuously monitored on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis for investment performance, adherence to style, compliance with objectives, and other important criteria. 


Controlling your Investments

When it comes to your investments you are in total control. You choose how much you want to invest and for how long, your preferred level of risk and whether it should be part of a pension or general investment account. Leave the rest to us. At Kingfisher we work with you under an advisory account and our team of investment specialists actively manage and closely monitor the asset allocation of the funds called the Personal Portfolio Funds, to maximise returns within your chosen risk level.

Know the Markets Anytime, Anywhere!

Change the way you invest FOR LIFE

The market never stops moving, and neither should you. Seize opportunities anytime, anywhere with a choice of two full-featured mobile trading apps built from the ground up for traders and investors on the go.

Pioneered mobile trading continues to lead the way. Our new award-winning mobile application lets you seamlessly connect with the markets and your accounts from anywhere. It’s ideal for traders and investors seeking a mobile-only experience

  • For Apple® and Android™ devices, including the Apple Watch® and leading tablet devices

  • Named "Best in Class" mobile app by

  • Invest in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options (including 2-,3-, and 4-legged spreads). $0 commissions for online US-listed stock, ETF, and options trades.3

  • Manage cash with Transfer Money, check deposit, and Bill Pay

  • View Bloomberg TV®,4 third-party research, and breaking news


Breaking News

Have alerts on developing stories and market-moving events delivered directly to your mobile device as they happen

Real Time Quotes
Get real-time updates for over 30,000 financial instruments that are traded on over 100 exchanges worldwide

Customized Portfolio

Track your trades or keep an eye on your investment portfolio from anywhere. Retrieve, sort, and select data directly from your mobile.

Economic Calendar

Never miss alerts and updates about key economic events and announcements from around the world


Kingfisher Investments offer a personal and proactive approach to managing your wealth. We take the time to get to know you and understand your ambitions, and create unique solutions for every stage of your life.

No matter what the future brings, we can offer you foresight in a world in flux. We’ll work with you to keep your financial goals on track, and your future within sight. 


Tailored solutions to help you achieve your financial goals coupled with a diverse range of products and services to suit your approach to investment and help you achieve your financial goals.

Wealth Management
From protecting and preserving your wealth to investing and planning for retirement, we will ensure your wealth works for you. We offer objective and pertinent advice to our
clients as trusted partners.    
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Corporate Wealth Management
Our Corporate experts have a wealth of knowledge and understanding the corporate ladder ensuring yopu get the right advice at every juncture when making plans.
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Institutional Wealth Management
Our experienced experts combine industry insight
with a thorough
understanding of you
and your business to deliver
an exceptional service and
bespoke investment advice.
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